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If you are maintaining your amateur-built aircraft we recommend purchasing Maintenance Handbook for Van's RV Aircraft instead of this book. It illustrates most of the same issues highlighted here as well as solutions for them . It also includes guidance for common maintenance tasks.     This  book contains hundreds of pictures illustrating common problem areas. It is an invaluable resource to ensure that you will understand particular wear areas, as well as common builder and mechanic errors.   This book is a culmination of 41 years of owning and maintaining personal amateur-built and certified aircraft, coupled with over 13 years of performing maintenance and inspections on thousands of amateur-built aircraft. The wealth of knowledge in this book is second to none in the industry.   The number of completed amateur-built aircraft has exploded in the last decade, primarily due to the quality of the kits and the ease of construction. The weak area has been that inspection and identification of problems are left up to the builder/owner, with little guidance from the kit manufacturers. This book fills that void, and will give every newly-minted builder with a Repairman’s Certificate a sense of confidence on areas that should be watched over the life of the aircraft. Every time the cowling or an inspection panel is off, you should refer to the particular chapter in this book relevant to that area or system. It will certainly give you peace of mind when you take to the skies as to the mechanical condition of your aircraft.

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