Pre-Buy Guide For Amateur-Built Aircraft

Aircraft Inspection

If you are thinking about purchasing an amateur- built aircraft, this is the guide you need. It can be used by you, or given to your inspector. The book contains over 200 pictures illustrating common problem areas, along with a checklist and hints for both the seller and the purchaser. It is an invaluable resource to ensure that you will successfully enter the exciting world of amateur-built aviation. All too many times during a pre- buy inspection Vic has heard the seller comment " I wish I knew of you when I bought the airplane." So, after having inspected over a thousand amateur-built aircraft, Vic felt he had enough data and pictures to share with the aviation community so that others could accomplish a high-quality pre-buy inspection without his involvement. With close to twenty thousand amateur- built aircraft on the US National Aircraft Registry, the number of aircraft changing hands is rapidly increasing on a weekly basis. Vic recently published Maintenance Guide for Van's RV Aircraft which guides the buyer through maintenance of these aircraft.  

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